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Instead of depending on an expert, most homeowners would opt to just depend on their selves when it comes to home repairs. While repainting the siding or cleaning out clogged gutters may be simple enough, other repairs should only be handled by an experienced professional. Repairing and cleaning of chimney bricks are just some of the home repairs that falls into this category where an expert is needed in order for the job to be done properly and it is important for the home owner to know if when will she or he call an expert to do the repairing of the bricks. Here are a few signs to look for when trying to determine if a chimney needs a little TLC.

Chimneys are one of the most exposed areas of the home. There are definitely a lot of factors that impact the condition of your chimney, and it includes rain, sleet and of course, the continuous change in the condition of the weather. As a result, the brickwork often weathers more quickly on these areas than anywhere else in the home. If the bricks look worn or it’s been a while since an experienced masonry tuckpointing professional looked at the chimney, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

The mortar holds the brickwork together, creating the supportive structure for the fireplace. Nonetheless, despite of the hold of the mortar to the bricks, it still won’t last until the end of time, hence, it needs to be repaired, cleaned or changed from time to time. Like the bricks themselves, the mortar can be damaged by weather and time. You would know that your bricks need to be repaired by a tuckpointing professional if you see that its mortars are not already into its proper place, or if you have noticed that the mortars that hold it together are already crumbling due to time and surrounding environmental factors. One of the main role of the chimney is to keep the moisture out of the home, but if ever a moisture is already building up on the fireplace, then it is a sign the damper is already rusted. Though rust is a visible sign of moisture seeping in through the chimney, it may not be the only sign. The use of damper in your chimney is highly preferable. If the hinge is difficult to use or the damper won’t close all the way, there’s a good chance that rust has built up in the mechanism. The more time that rust stays in a chimney, the more damage it may cause, hence, always avoid the presence of rust in your chimney in order to avoid additional repairs.

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