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arizona fake idThe Genetic Fake Identity Advantage:

DNA testing is an extremely important issue in your life. Whether you require paternity testing for legal purposes or simply for your own information, you’ll will receive our full attention. We will be happy to spend as much time as you need to answer your question, and no paternity or DNA testing questing is too trivial or too complicated.

You will find the staff at Idboss Genetic fake Identity extremely helpful and accommodating. There is never a charge for consultation, and your case is always kept in strict confidence. If you have questions regarding a DNA test or ordering online, we encourage you to contact Genetic Identity. We prefer that you ask questions before we perfom your DNA test because good communication will make the process go smoother for all involved.

If you have any questions, please call the office toll-free at 866-437-1597. Alternatively, you can request information via e-mail at or e-mail a Ph.D. scientist at

Choosing a laboratory to do your paternity test can be a difficult task, the science behind the test can be overwhelming, and the number of laboratories from to choose appears endless. Unfortunately, inspection of paternity laboratories is not mandatory, and the quality varies widely, especially when you consider non-accredited laboratories. On the edge are a number laboratories that do not subscribe to the established quality-control assurance programs and scientifically valid testing procedures. A DNA test done in an AABB accredited laboratory is the only way to make sure your test is done correctly.

In evaluating a Fake DNA testing laboratory, one should ask:

1.  Is the paternity test accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) to assure the most accurate test results?

  • DNA testing is a very serious matter that will affect the rest of your life — do you really want to trust this matter to a laboratory that is not accredited or even eligible for an AABB accreditation? 
  • The internet has allowed many companies to offer paternity testing.  Unfortunately, paternity testing companies are not required to obtain an accreditation in order to be in business.  The AABB is the only national accrediting agency for paternity testing.  AABB accreditation is your only assurance that your DNA test is performed by qualified scientists and according to valid scientific practices. There are over 20,000 laboratories in the United States and only 42 labs in the United States have an AABB accreditation. 
  • The accreditation program of the AABB has succeeded in ensuring the highest quality DNA testing.  This consistent level of overall quality has resulted in the general acceptance of test results from AABB-accredited laboratories by the courts, without the need for expensive and time-consuming trials involving expert witness testimony.
  • Choosing a non-accredited laboratory to do your testing is similar to choosing a law student that can not pass the bar exam to help you with your legal needs or a using a medical student instead of a board certified physician to help with your medical problems.

AABB accredited versus a non-accredited paternity testComparisonAABB accredited LabNon-accredited LabExclusions repeated twiceYes-MandatoryNot requiredYearly laboratory inspections and auditsYes-MandatoryNot requiredTesting method validation Yes-MandatoryNot requiredIndependent proficiency testing (3 x a year)Yes-MandatoryNot required12 hours of continuing education per yearYes-MandatoryNot requiredExternal and internal review processYes-MandatoryNot requiredStringent director qualification and lab personnel requirements in order to obtain accreditationYes-MandatoryNot requiredRegularly scheduled equipment calibration along with written records Yes-MandatoryNot required 

2. Is the laboratory confident enough in their technology and DNA testing methods to offer a money-back guarantee?

  • Genetic Identity is one of the few companies confident enough to offer their clients a money-back guarantee!
  • We are confident because we test 16 alleles! Most companies only test from six to nine alleles. The 16 alleles yields a probability of paternity > 99.999% guaranteed!

3.  Does the lab use highly trained and professional Ph.D. scientists to run and evaluate your test?

  • There are a number of laboratories that use lab technician rather than Ph.D. scientists to perform and evaluate your test.
  • All testing and test result evaluation are performed by expert Ph.D. (Molecular Biology) scientists.
  • Courts have accepted molecular biologists as the relevant scientific community with respect to laboratory techniques of isolating and probing the DNA. Forensic scientists or laboratory technicians involved in the analysis often do not have a strong background in the relevant scientific discipline.

4. Does the company have a highly trained Ph.D. scientist on staff to answer your questions?

  • There are many companies that do not have a person with a Ph.D. available to directly answer your questions. You would be surprised at the number of companies that DO NOT have a Ph.D.-level scientist working anywhere at the company.
  • Genetic Identity is owned by a scientist with a doctoral degree in Molecular Biology.

5.  Are there any hidden fees?  There are several laboratories that advertise a low price but then make you pay specimen collection fees and shipping out of your own pocket. 

  • Genetic Fake Identity’s prices include all specimen collection fees and shipping costs. There are no hidden charges!

     If you contact a laboratory and are unable to talk with an understanding, helpful and knowledgeable client-services representative, it might be advisable to look elsewhere.  A laboratory may do fine work, but if there is no one available to clearly explain the process and results, it can be frustrating.  Bottom line:  Shop carefully – make sure an AABB-accredited lab performs the paternity test, do not settle for less.